Biotoxin illness not Lyme disease for me

My dear friend Julie looks to biotoxic illness as well as Lyme.

New Hope Beyond

As of yesterday and my second appointment with a biotoxin illness specialist, my hunt for healing will focus on biotoxin illness and not Lyme disease.  Perhaps you noticed awhile back that I changed the name of this blog?  Join me in finding “Hope Beyond” the challenges of today; for me this blog will always give the praise and glory to the Lord, Jesus Christ when victory comes . . .

I found a remarkable video on You Tube that summarizes mold and biotoxin illness.  Please look beyond the promo for his colleague’s book and his mentioning of “ME” or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.  I do not have ME although I understand that biotoxin illness and ME are similar, much like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome have similar manifestations.  Now that my diagnosis is clearer, I will be largely following the treatment protocol of Dr. Richie Shoemaker at: as coached by one…

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2 thoughts on “Biotoxin illness not Lyme disease for me

  1. Hi,
    I will return to read everything here. I just only have a moment…have you noted that electromagnetic fields exacerbate Lyme? It is significant. Dr. Klinghardt addresses it. I believe that it should be on the Master Symptom List. That includes microwave emissions from cell phones, wifi, cell towers, tablets, baby monitors, cordless phones and the like. Also, dirty electricity in ones’ home or workplace is making us sicker. I hope this info will help people. When I got rid of all my wireless stuff and put Stetzer filters in my home, I got great relief. Email me if you want more info.

    • I am familiar with eliminating EMFs. They are not in the symptom list because they are not a “symptom”. Also the list was not one I compiled myself but was from another website.

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