I’m Getting Better! And When I do, I’m Throwing a Party! :D

A success story! Love hearing these



At this point in time, I have every hope of making a complete recovery from Lyme.  I went and saw my Lyme Doc on Wednesday, and it was by far the most encouraging appointment yet!  My symptoms have been reduced to almost minimal on most days!  😀  She even said that at this point it is a little difficult to tell whether my remaining symptoms are due to Lyme or simply due to being out-of-shape after having fought a chronic illness for 5 years.  😀  She’s continuing my treatment, since a couple of my symptoms are most likely due to Lyme.  I asked her how soon it would be until we could definitively say I’m fully recovered from Lyme, and she said that if she had to give a number, it would be four months. !!!!!!!!!!!.  What’s four months when you’ve been fighting it for five years? 😀

The four…

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