Adventures in Lyme: A Slosh of Virus With That Bacteria

So besides the usual daily/weekly/monthly ups and downs of chronic Lyme I had the privilege this last weekend of getting the stomach flu. Any of you get it? Not fun.
So besides the throwing up On Friday I made a big boo boo with my meds; I accidentally double dosed on my diuretics. Not a good pill to take two of if you are going to end up not being able to hold down even a sip of water all day. Sigh. So I am grateful because after going to urgent care that evening and getting some IV fluids and anti-nausea meds I felt quite a bit better. Never mind the “new” nurse who perforated the first vein and had to go for the second on the other arm…
I actually handled it pretty okay even though I’m a bit nervous with needles, I have had too many glutathione IV’s done by an ND that used butcher knives ( I swear! ) every time.
The nausea is holding on a bit still, but I’m okay.
What really struck me Friday being in a walk in clinic getting an IV is that I am immensely blessed to have never landed in the ER because of my Lyme. I have read so any of your stories and heard your suffering….the seizures, the heart issues, the organ failure, the terrifying symptoms of Lyme that have landed you in the ER again and again. My heart breaks for you when I read your blogs and sometimes I can’t handle it. I pray for you. I am a chronic Lyme sufferer but my years of illness are nothing compared to some of you long-suffering gentle souls.
So that is what the stomach flu brought me this weekend, insight.
Be strong.



7 thoughts on “Adventures in Lyme: A Slosh of Virus With That Bacteria

  1. So sorry you got a stomach on top of everything else. My oldest as daughter has Lyme and other issues much like you. She is doing much better with current treatment, praise God! I pray you will continue the healing process and get to the point you are completely healthy.

  2. Just stumbled on your blog, oh no I hope the day improved for you: having Lyme’s bad enough. You keep fighting and letting us know how you’re getting along! Have a real nice day.

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