Lyme Therapy in a Box, Ours Arrives Tomorrow….

This is a repost on the benefits of infrared sauna for those with Lyme. As I am sitting in one at the moment I thought it would be a good time to re-post

My Color Is Lyme


Sauna therapy for Lyme? Yes! And it helps, both according to MD recommendations and patient testimonials.

An Infrared Sauna is quite different than a regular steam sauna; a regular steam sauna can only penetrate very shallowly into the skin, whereas an infrared can go much deeper. Also with an infrared there is no uncomfortable humidity.

Pain: Infrared Saunas can help alleviate pain that comes with Lyme symptoms, it increases circulation which counteracts the body’s cytokine reaction that thickens blood and causes muscle and joint damage/pain.

Detox: One major problem with Lyme sufferers and the pain and sickness of going through treatment is trying to get rid of all the “gunk” that builds up in every area of your body. I personally have had a lot of liver trouble because it is so overwhelmed. An Infrared sauna can assist in detoxing the body. But with this you have to be careful…

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