Sick and Defective

So I have met with my LLMD just recently specifically to address my chronic inflammation/water retention/swelling. We are exploring a few things…
I know a couple I have talked about before; cytokines are high because of the Lyme and candida, toxins, mold build up, etc. But he also wanted to run some (more) bloodwork to test my liver and kidneys, and also to see if I have the MTHFR defect (original article here Methylation )
So it turns out that yes I do have this defect, but also he brought up another idea, the fact that Lyme attacks connective tissue and as that has been destroyed water can seep into places it normally shouldn’t be and then just sits there. He has a few ideas, one being to draw more water into the bloodstream so it can actually move. Two supplementing with hyaluronic acid to help regrow some connective tissue.
So I need to follow up with him now that my blood test has come back, we shall see how it goes.

On a side note I am pulling out of the horrible slump, with much help from Fluconozole.


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