The Swelling is coming, The Swelling is coming!

So the bane of my existence (inflammation/water retention/edema) is rearing it’s ugly head in a bad way today. Now I would have to say it has been persistent for about the last 8 years, it goes up and down, down and up….but always there. Now there are certain things that I know will make it worse, those things are pretty much all food related, but that doesn’t count for all the times I have no idea why I blow up, why my legs feel and look like jello, and why I can’t get the words “water bed” out of my head when I look at my arms.
I know that cytokines, mold toxins, candida and the rest….can cause this, but seriously stop already!
I have been on herbal treatments of all sorts, have been on hchlorothiazide for years….I just want an end to this.
Shout out to other autoimmune sufferers; do you deal with this? Have you found anything that helps?

(Photo isn’t my arm, I would be too embarrassed, but I do have underhang)


2 thoughts on “The Swelling is coming, The Swelling is coming!

  1. The last week or so, I seem to be collecting fluid again. I also started to notice more episodes of being lightheaded. My BP dropped a bit, so my theory is that my aldosterone has dropped-again. I’m trying some Himalayan salt in water to see if I can avoid going back on meds for it. May not be your thing, but that is my swelling adventure. Good luck! 8)

    • No fun is it? I actually keep up on Himalayan see salt and electrolytes. I told my doctor I want to get to the bottom of this, I’ll see where this goes next.
      I hope the salt helps you get some relief.

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