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This is a shout out to my fellow chronic illness sufferers.  Those of us who are not “immunocompetent”.  For most of us it doesn’t show.  Our health is not written on us although sometimes I wish that it were.  Our aches and pains are not etched on our bodies but if they were they would encompass us from head to toe.  Some lines would have faded nearly forgotten and others would be a bright vivid pulsing red.  A well person will never understand the aches, the pains and the plain weirdness of living in a body like mine.

For me, I can carry on pretty well for awhile and pretend that I haven’t had Lyme disease, Bartonella, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, shingles and now HHV 6.  I can play at being well but somehow it always catches up to me.  When it does, I have to hibernate, take my meds, lick my…

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