Friends, during your illness have you/do you have periods of time where you are just plain stuck? I don’t mean the general autoimmune troubles that sort of never go away but instead ebb and flow. I mean have you had times where you maybe feel some positive changes for a period of time and then SPLAT! Hit a wall with your progress?
Sudden fatigue, toxic feeling, crazy cravings, mood swings, brain fog…….you know, all the good stuff.
I have been in this state for about 6 weeks or so now after having a couple months of an upswing. I honestly have no idea what happened. Environmental toxin? Hostile spirochete resurgence? Metabolic meltdown? Adrenal fatigue? Detox pathway traffic jam?
That is what I and my doctor are trying to figure out. I just had another (sigh) test and I will be going over the results with my doctor Monday November 11th. Hopefully it will provide some insights so I can get back to the top of that hill. Cuz’ although I was sick of climbing it before, reaching the top only to slide down part way covered in mud and bruises is a hard hit to take.
I am persevering, leaning on God, carrying on… What is strange is that I have had a lot of peace and joy (in between the emotional crying and desperation), so I know that God is teaching me. Boy oh boy will I be well taught by the time I’m well, just looking forward to that day. Will keep you posted
PS also had a weird case of vertigo today.



7 thoughts on “Overwhelmed

  1. Yes, I understand the mystery of this illness. While I have the worst of my noxious symptoms improving at the moment, the underlying flu-like sickness actually keeps me from functioning better. So glad you posted the symptom list. We can celebrate one getting better then get discouraged for the myriad of remaining annoyances. I pray that you and your LLMD will be able to figure something out my dear friend. :J

    • Do you have 2 accounts Julie?
      I am glad you are doing a bit better, we will continue to hold each other up in prayer. Are you on Facebook? Besides my personal page I also have a Lyme page, and I just started an online ladies prayer group composed of women who have a heart to pray. If you are on FB I would love to have you join if you were interested

  2. Oh yes I have had my share of stuck periods. That is when I would ramp up saying my daily affirmations (actually remembering to say them!) and tell the universe that I will keep my eyes open to notice what the universe (or God if you prefer) may place in front of me to move forward. Sometimes it was a person. Sometimes it was a resource, or book, etc. Something did always come as long as I paid attention and took the steps to take advantage of it. Hang in there.

  3. Basically, yes. I had a good period earlier this year and have had a huge relapse over this last week. My Bartonella has flared up big time and drove me into a horrible rage yesterday. I hate this crap.

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