A Little Help From Our Friends

Image(healthier days…)


A request on behalf of our family. Dear friends, I am making a request on behalf of my amazing parents for some help.
As most of you know our family has been battling chronic illness for many many years, and finally last year my sister and I got an answer with the diagnosis of Lyme disease. Chronic Lyme (unlike immediate diagnosis after being infected) is a long hard expensive battle. By the time the spirochete has been in your body for years it has had the opportunity to bore into any area of your body, including heart, connective tissue, brain…
At that point treatment is very much about targeting the Lyme, but also dealing with it’s devastating effects in the body and supporting an immune system that has been compromised, as well as organs like liver and kidneys, and hormone imbalances and everything else that has fallen apart in the body. We are so blessed that we have good medical care by experts, and praise God we are getting better. But the financial toll has been overwhelming, and both my sister and I are looking at about another year of treatment. I know that it can be very uncomfortable to ask, but I was thinking if each of our friends gave only $10 that would really help a lot.
If you feel led it would really be appreciated. But please know that prayers and support mean the world too!
As difficult as this long struggle has been I am grateful for how God is revealing Himself, and changing me/us day by day.

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