When To Push It


I had a discussion last night with a Lyme sister about how the rules of Lyme are different than what would be common logic, let me explain; If I were a normal healthy person that was out of shape and wanted to exercise I would push through any initial discomfort until my body began to adjust and get stronger. My endurance would increase and I would be able to get more stamina. This is even true if I were not a healthy person and dealing with some other common illnesses. I would try and get at least a little exercise, the movement and mild cardio would be good for my health and well being and help my immune system.

  This is not necessarily the case with Lyme. Trying to push when your body says no can actually do a lot more damage and put you in bed for days or weeks dependent on where you are in your healing, especially if you are a Lymie who’s heart is affected. Exercise can prolong your healing process and really set you back (again, depending on where you are along the road). This is so much the case that my doctor actually writes in his treatment manual “Usually at the beginning of treatment exercise should not be done due to tolerance issues”. (This of course is a generalized recommendation and everyone is different.)

This is where you have to be super in tune to your body, listen when it says stop. Although (as I am experiencing today), even that is not always a completely accurate indicator. I am almost a year into treatment now, and it was when I had hit about the 10 month mark I started to notice significant improvement with my energy, and noticed a lower baseline of symptoms and flare ups. (just like my doctor predicted!!!!) Oh. and insert Snoopy dance here “___________”. However I still am frustrated by increased body pain and fatigue when I try take on more, things that you would think wouldn’t be a big deal, like more housework.

It is Saturday morning and I have had a much busier week than normal with doing more chores, and having done activities daily at home after a day at my job. I am sitting here and my whole body hurts, as if I have been doing body pump classes all week. My inflammation is also a lot higher. It is kind of annoying when all I was doing was being “normal”.

Am I regretful? No way. But it is teaching me how to pace myself, and even with more energy I am learning about what I can do safely without paying for it too hard. But you know what? I think I am also at a point in my healing where I can safely “push through” here and there, and know that if I am careful I am not going to set myself back to much.

So I am happy this morning, ready to continue to challenge myself, get back to “normal” as much as I am able. We shall see how it goes.

Okay, now where is that bottle of Advil…..



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