We All Blow It Don’t We?


So it was at the end of the day and I was stuck in above pictured traffic…..(okay it was actually starting to move in that photo so it doesn’t look so bad)
Earlier in the day I did pretty okay with energy at work, but have been generally more fatigued this week.

So I had somewhere to go in downtown Seattle after work, and to make a long story short I sat in traffic a total of almost 3 hours round trip (thank you leisurely boaters for causing the close of the 520 bridge).
It was in this space of time that my body started to really shut down, I started to get so tired it was hard to keep my eyes open. Also when I get really fatigued something happens to the speech center of my brain, it gets harder to talk, and sometimes I will mumble a bit or have a hard time finding my words. Also I notice I can get a little noise sensitive, this seems to go with extreme fatigue.

Anyway, back to what lead to my naughtiness; In this state of fatigue…trying to stay awake…starting to get food cravings…with limited will power…and diminished brain function (have I made enough excuses?) I blew my diet for the second time in two weeks. Previous to these two instances I have been absolutely strict with “No Cheats For 8 Months”.

So I will confess to stopping at PCC for a burger, and then next door for a little frozen yogurt. This was wrong on SO many levels; I have sugarized, dairyized, glutenized, tomatoized, and soyized myself. The body pain, tingling, circulation problems and swelling started almost immediately. I am not sure what is worse, the symptoms or the guilt. I am SO upset with myself. Why I have been so strict for so long and now I am having weakened will power? I am scared too that I will have more weak moments, and I really don’t want to do that to myself.

I know my immune system is dealing with a bucket load right now, I really don’t need to aggravate the leaky gut, candida, sibo and immune response on top of everything else. As Lymies know this is not just discomfort for a day, I might be feeling this for 5 days and up to 3 weeks. For some reason this causes terrible pain in my fingers and wrists, also tingling, and my limbs going to sleep.

I am curious what other Lymies experience with diet upset…what are your symptoms and how long do they last?
Hoping I can stay stronger than today, combat food cravings and weakness.

We will persevere!


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