Life Savers: Living the allergy-free life

Hope Beyond

Greetings Gentle Readers!

I have a real treat for you today (pun intended!).  In the recovery of serious illness we need to get serious about our nutrition too.  To assist us I introduce to you a dear friend who has helped me and many folks learn how to use nutrition as medicine.  I am grateful for the expertise of Cindy Jakacki-Null: tenacious gluten-free and allergy-free food researcher, healthcare professional, and Foodie extraordinaire.  Cindy talks enthusiastically about how she loves to cook, create in the kitchen, research and convert recipes, and share both her talents and tasty treats with friends and family.  Her expertise has made a difference in the lives of countless individuals, most recently a loved one facing death until her sister’s diet changed.

  1. Tell me a little about yourself and your special interests related to food. 

I have always liked to cook and especially to bake.  This is probably because growing…

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