A Day Of Fatigue

You all (Lymies) know how it feels….your body is heavy……it feels like there is lead in your veins……like the earth’s gravity field is pulling twice as strongly on you than the rest of the planet’s population. This might be your reality every day, or like me these days are blessedly getting fewer and fewer. Whether you are the former or the latter Lyme fatigue knocks you down and takes you out. Sometimes it can take hours to get out of bed, going to the bathroom is a great inconvenience, and your brain is telling your limbs to move but they don’t always obey.

What is hardest is when the people in your life can’t understand; why you “look okay”, or why you were fine yesterday but crash today. It breaks my heart when I hear a fellow sufferer say they have been called lazy, or have Munchhausen’s (want attention), or they “don’t want to get better”. I know people mean well most of the time, but this is devastating and cruel to someone who is suffering from Lyme because it is not their fault. My mother who is a cancer survivor equates the worst days of Lyme fatigue as being very similar to going through Chemo therapy, it can knock you down that hard. Don’t forget your body is FIGHTING a bacteria that has invaded every system in your body! I have personally had to forgive myself because I thought for a long time I was being lazy because I didn’t even have the will to do things, turns out it was the disease. Because as I am finally turning a corner almost one year into treatment I am NOT lazy, because I don’t even mind doing housework, when I feel well enough to do it.

If you know a Lyme sufferer be kind. They are going through more than you may be able to understand. Know that their systems are invaded by a hostel bacteria, and these little corkscrew shaped bugs have burrowed deeply into their muscles, their brains, their joints, their blood……You would be tired too.



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