The Crest Of The Hill


I was told by my auto immune specialist a couple months into my Lyme treatment that most patients feel about 90% better at the 9-10 month point in treatment. I did not believe him at all. Sitting in that office, my body heavy from toxic weight gain and terrible water retention and inflammation, a throbbing ache in my joints and deep tissue pain in my limbs that had been there for years…I was tired despite getting plenty of sleep the night before, and a heavy cloud hung over my brain. My Naturopath also told me that there would come a day when I would quite suddenly start to feel better, that I would know the tide had turned……yeah right.

Well my autoimmune doctor was wrong, it is about 11 months. But yes, quite suddenly just within the last few weeks it is like an internal switch went on and my baseline energy/pain/cognition/mood….everything, is suddenly much better. I am still dealing with pain and swelling, but my weight suddenly started to drop off, I have more energy, I actually want to see people and do activities.

I think (for me) two things jump started the sudden turn around; about 6-8 weeks ago I had a DNA profile run to test the detox systems in my body to see what wasn’t working. This has been a persistent problem for me with my body having difficulty detoxing, and having to be on constant kidney, liver and other gland and organ support. My Naturopath made adjustments in my herbal and tincture regime according to the results of the test and this is when things started looking up. In case any of you are struggling in this area the test is run by Genova Diagnostics

Now this did start a slight upswing, but not a major one. The other factor is that I really started digging deeper with my relationship with God. I really had a faith crisis in 2012, I was just worn down by everything that was going on in my life, and this year I have been slowly working my way back.

 I just recently came to a place of real peace trusting Him, letting go of a lot of hurt and grief and disappointment, and I honestly feel my better health followed right behind.


So, I find myself in a different place all of a sudden in this journey of illness, where I am not well yet but maybe I am at about 80%. You would think I would have 100% positive emotions and outlook with this change, but what is taking me by surprise is that is not quite the case. When you have been severely ill for a very long time and just live day to day, you are in “survival mode”.you are looking down at your feet because that is all you can muster. But when wellness starts to happen it is like waking up from a coma, and the years that have been stolen from you, the life you haven’t lived, the ravages of disease on your body, kind of hit home. I am finding I have to reinvent my thinking because somewhere long ago I lost a lot of myself. That said, God has also grown me greatly in maturity and faith, and in that sense I am like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. So now it is going to be one step at a time, seeing what God has for me, and still of course dealing with fighting the disease for another year, and realistically for the rest of my life as it lies in remission in my body.

One thought on “The Crest Of The Hill

  1. What a blessing that God drew you near to Him during this time. His timing is always perfect and it is so comforting to know He is always right there waiting for us. Blessings!

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