The Ten Warning Signs of a Chronic Illness

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invisible illness

Chronic illness is often given the nickname “invisible illness”.  Although it is true that most people with a chronic illness can blend in with the crowd in their daily activities, an invisible illness is a lot more visible than you’d think.  There are, in fact, ten signs of a chronic illness.  By learning these signs you will be able to identify someone who could very well need your help and support and you can avoid using the labels ‘lazy’ or ‘slacker’ on someone who does not deserve such.  When you encounter a coworker, fellow student, or friend who is acting strangely, ask yourself the following questions to determine if illness might be the cause.

The purpose of this post is not to guilt-trip you into helping an ill person, nor is it to point out all ill people and make them vulnerable.  Rather, the purpose is to enlighten you with…

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