Big Serving Of Lyme, Needs More Faith


We (my brothers and sisters) are called to a higher plane of living, a plane of living that is outside of what is known. Something that cannot be touched, cannot be seen. We are called to live the life that is based not on the known, or what we see around us, but based on the knowledge of Jesus Christ and who He is. Most of us experience this only in fleeting moments, or at times of great distress when all else is stripped away and we immerse ourselves in Christ by way of our need for Him.
This is why in the intense hardships and trials of the last several years i feel that I have failed. Failed because I am called to endure, called to be a testimony, and to keep hope and faith. I think of all the times that I have instead immersed myself in television and other distractions. There is some grace I save for myself knowing that illness has shut me down, but I could have done better. God has given me chronic illness as part of His plan for me, to help me grow, to shine for Him, to be on the path I am pre-destined to walk.
For whatever reason Lyme is part of who I am, and I hope to do better to keep strong and trust, and to spend more time living my faith.


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