“Pay Day”


I am pleased to report that I had a pretty decent weekend. As a follow up to my car accident I did end up getting a new car on Friday, well new to me because it was a used 2008. Got a decent deal, and it has low mileage. I am feeling a little disappointed about having to take out another car loan, but such is life.

Besides that I was able to get on my bike a bit this weekend; besides just exercise biking gives me such a sense of freedom and joy, something I would never get from exercising indoors. Biking is perfect because you can adjust according to how you are feeling, and if you need to just coast a bit that is fine. But today is Pay Day. Pay Day is the day when your body bites back for having a few days of feeling better, and actually getting out and moving a bit. I woke up with a raging headache, the kind that throbs at the back of your neck if you move even a little. I did a sauna treatment last night on top of being out part of the day, so I am hoping I didn’t get dehydrated. Also my swelling has gone WAY up, my face looks like a little chipmunk, so I am thinking I probably have toxins dumping into my blood from my muscles, and probably an exercise induced Herx.

Ah well, I am trending towards having increased better days sprinkled here and there, and (at least for now) I am always going to pay for them. Someday I hope that will change…

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