So What DO you eat?

This is something I haven’t completely and directly focused on before on my Lyme blog; Diet. As fellow Lymies know dietary restrictions are probably a huge and fundamental part of your daily life. If you eat the wrong thing your candida goes crazy…..your cytokines have a hay day making your inflammation worse….your stomach hurts like you ate acid and mixing cement….your bowels decide to shut down and just not do their job for a day or two….. Whatever your reaction it is miserable, and it is not a momentary discomfort, your immune system is compromised and you are dealing with die-off so anything that further upsets your body is a big deal.

    Which brings me back to the question, What DO you eat? This came up today in one of those awkward social situations where I found myself at a restaurant with coworkers, they had drinks and food, I had water. They are nice people and well intentioned, but it is still hard when you are kindly asked “well can’t you get that drink without the alcohol?” Well no I can’t. “Can’t you eat a crab cake? It’s crab”. Well no. And so on….Because there is sugar, dyes, chemicals… and who knows what else in that drink even without the alcohol. There are dozens of ingredients in a crab cakes besides crab including flour. It is really hard when you have to worry to the point that you cannot eat a grilled chicken breast at somewhere like KFC because whatever solution they inject it with or chemicals used to clean the raw meat before it is cooked make you sick for days…..And most almond milk brands are on your “No” list because of added tapioca flour or guar gum.

Since my diet is so uber super strict because of chronic inflammation, leaky gut, ibs, sibo, recurrent candida, toxic liver, etc. I think I will post a few of my meals over the next week or so in order that you can spy “what’s on the menu.”

Entry #1 of the Sugar-Free, Starch-Free, Gluten-Free, Grain-Free. Soy-Free, Nut-Free, Dairy-Free, Fruit-Free (yes at least for now), Mushroom-Free, Tomato-Free, Chemical-Free DIET. phew.

Wednesday Night Dinner


Scrambled Eggs cooked in a pan with a little coconut oil, himalayan salt, zucchini and onions, with kimchi and homemade guacamole (fresh avocado, fresh lime juice, salt, garlic and fresh cilantro).

Very tasty! Don’t worry I am getting my veggies too. Look for more posts involving raw veggie salads and green juice.

Hopefully this will take a bit of the mystery out of how I live, because I got asked that tonight; “How do you live like that? If I had to eat like that I would die.” Well thank you, that was actually one of my options….


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