A Down Day


First let me say I am not trying to offend anyone, or come off as rude, but this blog is dedicated to honest feeling about dealing with chronic disease, and education and information. So I know that my fellow sufferers will empathize with having a down day:

Today Facebook is depressing; normally this isn’t true but today I don’t think I can take any more wedding photos of happy people on the happiest day of their lives. I don’t think I can take any more photos and posts of friends with their babies. I don’t want to look at one more photo of happy girls with their boyfriends. I don’t want any more posts about hiking, trips, vacations, eating out, the great weekend you had, or quite frankly anything else that has to do with you being happy or enjoying your life. I’m sorry, that is just how I feel today as I sit alone at home in bed feeling very weak, and it is one of those times it all just makes me want to cry.

 I will say that I did have a few days in a row this weekend where I did feel better and was able to do more than what was normal for me, maybe today is the day I pay the piper (or the lyme) for a little extra energy, but I always pay.

All those things I have always wanted in life have dwelt in the realm of “someday”, and someday is always just that, and elusive future that I have yet to catch up to.



2 thoughts on “A Down Day

  1. {{{hugs}}} I think we all have those kind of days. Even me, and I don’t personally have Lyme. All my daughter’s friends are graduating, or going to Proms with their boyfriends… It breaks my heart that she’s not out there having the time of her life with them. I know you get it. Here’s to more and more BETTER days as we journey towards your “someday”. We’ll get there.

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