Commentary: Myth-tick Nonsense

Amazing just how misinformed even the medical society is….

Lyme Handbook

Sarah Klein of the Huffington post, recently published an article called “Lyme Disease Myths: 9 Things You Should Know About The Tick-Borne Disease“:  ( ).  As much as I appreciate the effort to spread awareness of the dangers of tick borne infections (TBI), most of her assumptions are merely aping what the medical establishment has incorrectly pontificated many times before.

In her piece. Ms. Klein conveniently dismisses any and all recent research as “NON CREDIBLE EVIDENCE” to discredit opposing views.  This is deeply offensive to the chronically sick struggling with Lyme Disease (LD) today.  It is also potentiality harmful to her readers should they follow her dubious information.

Let’s revisit some of the article’s questionable claims:

  • Myth: All Ticks Carry Lyme disease

 HUFF POST: There are a number of types of ticks, but only blacklegged ticks (commonly called deer ticks) carry the bacterium that causes Lyme disease, according to…

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