Lessons from Illness #1–My Identity is in Christ

This is too good not reblog. Well spoken.


One of the first lessons I learned from being chronically ill is that my identity is in Christ.  When I first became ill, it was so sudden and so severe that I found myself unable to go out much at all and unable to do much at all.  If it required moving from my bed, it wasn’t going to happen on most days. 

Exhausted and in tremendous pain, I remember wondering who I was.  I had been stripped of all that I defined myself as; the bible study go-er, the hard worker, the studious student, the serve-er in the nursery, etc.  I didn’t know who I was anymore, what a dark place I was in!

Often times at night, when I couldn’t sleep I would lie awake and cry out to God.  Sometimes I felt like my prayers just weren’t heard, that the ceiling had somehow blocked them from reaching…

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