Yeah Most Doctors Are Useless For Lymies, But We Still NEED A Good One

As Fellow Lymies know, Lyme disease is not a straightforward easy illness to treat. There is no magic pill, there is no perfect duration, there is no one treatment course.

 I talk about alternative medicine a lot, and I started to wonder…do people think that I am not even receiving what would be considered “proper” medical treatment for my condition? Yes it is true, 99% of MD’s out there are misinformed, ignorant or unable to properly treat chronic invisible illnesses and autoimmune diseases. But boy do we desperately need the ones that can! Lyme takes either a group effort of skilled practitioners, or at least one that is able to give you both mainstream drugs and alternative medicine. I am SO fortunate to have a team of doctors that are familiar with Lyme and know how to treat it.

My Doctor, Mr MD: My main health care provider is an MD, and treating Lyme and autoimmune diseases is his business. He has people who come to him from as far away as Canada and the East Coast. He understands the importance of the balance of whole body treatment, with prescription drugs, herbal pills and tinctures, diet, IV medications and supplements. I am on both prescription drugs and alternative medicines. Thankfully my doctor knows all about Lyme co-infections and secondary illnesses, like chronic candida.

My ND: She worked in the same autoimmune clinic as my MD until just a couple weeks ago when she launched her own practice. She treats Lyme patients, but also is very sharp about hormonal problems and digestive issues. She has been immensely helpful with diagnosing a secondary intestinal infection that was giving me trouble, my IV therapy, and she will be working with me on heavy metal detox.

Alternative Medicine Doctor: My alternative medicine doctor has a degree in chiropractics, as a dietician, and also a masters degree in herbalism. I have been working with her for years and I can very honestly say she saved my life. When I first started seeing her about 3 years ago (before Lyme diagnosis) my body was just shutting down, and “regular” doctors just kept blowing me off. Thankfully she got my thyroid and adrenals working again, got rid of my hypoglycemia, and of course all other systems in the body as well. She just kept hitting brick walls with me with treatment though, and she was the one that ultimately sent me to the Lyme specialist. Now she is still working as part of the team and helping support my body with all it’s going through. Dr B, most recently my liver, my lungs, my kidneys, and my pituitary thank you.

It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes a medical team to get rid of this



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