I am asking for your help, yes you!


In a little less than 3 hours we begin the month of May, which is also Lyme disease awareness month. Will you please help me in sharing/reading/liking this post, and others to come?

I have only been specifically blogging about Lyme for a matter of weeks, but so many of you know about the years of undiagnosed suffering, and how completely debilitating this much  misunderstood disease can be. I am also finding SO many other people on this same site writing about their battles with Lyme, and the suffering they are experiencing.

During this month as I post specifically about certain symptoms, FAQ’s, scientific facts and other information, I will ask if you if you are so inclined to shout out to me….re-post….whatever you feel is appropriate. And for those precious people I have known over the years that think I disappeared off the face of the earth, I am sorry…because you are right, I think I did. Maybe this will help in understanding why.




7 thoughts on “I am asking for your help, yes you!

    • Having trouble replying last night, not sure if it went through… Thank you so much! I have a lot of compassion for those who are out there suffering and remain undiagnosed.

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