Silver Linings

Wow, amazingly written and so true. I have just come to the point in my fight over the last several months where I am coming alive again. Partly because of acceptance of my situation, and partly just because I am a little better with mental clarity and energy then I was. It is a little empowering to start taking part of your own care, and doing everything you can do to feel better, rather than spending years feeling like a hopeless victim. Here is to empowerment.

Nightmare Logic

Today’s post has been quite tricky…. I hadn’t expected the response I received to yesterday’s Lyme post and just feel a related, positive follow up is what should be done.

So, what are the silver linings to my own long and arduous storm clouds?

Music just sorts it all out: Another Lymie wrote a great post (sorry I can’t recall who!) about how heavy metal music made her feel better….I wholeheartedly agree, it is great for anger and stress relief! Muse Uprising is a good shouty fighting tune, a selection of the rest of my personal medicinal tunes are listed at the end of the post… I did a lot of angry shout singing and “letting it all out” – wonderful therapy….and gets the oxygen flowing and the heat up!!

Perspective: on life in general, what life is about, what is important, what should be ignored, what is real and…

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