“It’s like losing your life while you’re still alive”

Sums it up very well, it is like life moves on around and past you as you are stuck in a capsule of illness. The only way time touches you is by aging your body… it does not pass by giving you richness, or experiences, or the life stages others experience, it merely pulls at your skin and watches with glee as it watches your cells die.

Fight Lyme

After 70 posts, I still am searching for the words to explain what it is like to live with Lyme disease. While there is no simple answer to describing what it’s like, this quote expresses how I truly feel at times…

“It’s like losing your life while you’re still alive.” – Paul Mihalick

Thank you Jenny Rush for having such a positive attitude towards Lyme and giving us hope that we can get better! And thank you Senator Richard Blumenthal for proposing a bill that will increase Lyme disease awareness and support having short-term and long-term studies on the effects of Lyme disease!

Politicians “Take On” Lyme Disease

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