Original Post 2/16/14

Okay, I am ready to post a praise;
During the Lyme treatment I have definitely gone through cycles of feeling worse/feeling better, especially with any medication changes. From all the reading I have done this is pretty normal. I am about 1 month into my new Lyme meds and I think the worst reactions (knock knock) are behind me taking these, and I have been feeling a bit better. I have been applying for dental jobs and praying the whole time that God would not put me into a place when I was not ready, and that when the time came He would give me strength to work. Well I got a call from a dental office in Redmond for an insurance/financial coordinator position, and as it turns out it is the same place my former coworker found a job a couple months ago. Had my interview on Thursday and got hired immediately.
So I am expecting that the better energy will continue, that God’s hand is upon this, and I am trusting His timing. And I can’t wait to work with you again Sayoko, love you.Image


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